100% Iberian acorn-fed Iberian loin

From each Iberian pig we obtain two pieces of authentic natural loin that, once cleaned and devoid of fat, are marinated and stuffed in natural casing. Its extraordinary flavor and subtle aromas are given by the light drying of oak wood smoke and the slow maturation in natural dryers. With bright colors ranging from purple to pink, it gives the cut a marble appearance due to the infiltration of fat from the melting of the acorn. Due to its excellent meat, homogeneous texture, delicate flavor and pleasant aroma, Iberian pork loin is considered the most noble piece of international charcuterie.

Iberian acorn-fed loin

Our appreciated Iberian acorn-fed loin is obtained from the loin head once seasoned, marinated and stuffed in casing.

This piece is characterized by having a higher juiciness than the acorn-fed Iberian loin, so with an appropriate maturation process, it becomes a gastronomic jewel of incomparable quality.

Iberian acorn-fed chorizo

Made from top quality lean meats, seasoned with paprika and natural products, air-dried with oak wood smoke and slowly dried for a suitable curing time.

An exquisite product, with an artisan appearance that presents a strong, very bright color to the cut, so characteristic of Iberian pork, a firm texture and an intense aroma.

Iberian acorn-fed salchichón

Made with the traditional method, inherited from generation to generation, with the special touch of the family, we obtain our exceptional salchichón, one of our most noble pieces that we achieve by selecting the best lean meats of the Iberian pig to season them and stuff them in natural casing, giving it a light touch of oak wood smoke. It has a whitish cut and subtle, pure and elegant aromas.

Iberian sailing

Made with the best Iberian pork and with the same artisanal procedures as our Iberian chorizo ​​and salchichón, the Iberian velas are differentiated by being stuffed in a thinner caliber casing.