The Iberian pig


The name Iberian pig defines a breed of native pigs that have inhabited the Iberian Peninsula for many years and that, due to their exceptional attributes, allows us to obtain cured meat products of the highest quality, thus becoming one of the most important Spanish contributions to the heritage. world genetics.

DON IBÉRICO owns his own herd of Iberian pigs. This unique breed develops to its full potential in our well-kept pastures, reaching the highest levels of quality thanks to the constant care and monitoring of the pigs from birth and throughout their growth phase. All these factors have helped us maintain the quality of our products in a homogeneous and permanent manner over time, such as a very high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids, among which oleic acid stands out, so beneficial for our health.

All of this makes DON IBÉRICO products have not only unique sensory characteristics, but also such beneficial qualities for the health of those who consume them.


In DON IBÉRICO it grows in absolute freedom in the company's extensive pastures, with more than three hectares for each of them, which forces it to carry out constant exercise in its search for food and water, something that helps the infiltration of the fat within the muscles, a factor of great importance for the magnificent sensory characteristics that our products present.

In the first phase, the DON IBÉRICO pig feeds on grass, ears and seeds; and in a second phase, better known as the fattening or montanera phase, of energetic acorns, which gives its meat the delicate aroma and flavor of rich nuances that satisfy the most exquisite and demanding palates.

Our pigs receive all kinds of care and attention until they leave the pastures at an approximate age of 24 months and weighing around 160-180 kg.