Our values

The DON IBÉRICO brand rests on a series of fundamental values ​​that define the personality and character of all the elements that make it up.

1. Tradition.

DON IBÉRICO has a family history made up of several generations that has given it its own character and a unique way of making the Acorn-fed Iberian ham from Guijuelo, the birthplace of Iberian ham

2. Passion.

The attention and care put into all the details of production from our 100% natural sausages until our handmade envelopes sliced ​​with a knife, is marked by the intention of looking for a better product every day.

3. Crafts

A special value that is achieved through the artisanal production of its acorn-fed Iberian products, granting them the distinction of being unique.

4. Quality

All of the above points allow us to offer top quality Iberian products at the best price.