The wineries

Artisan cradle of the Iberian Pig

Located in Guijuelo, cradle of the Iberian pig craft, in the southeast of the province of Salamanca between the foothills of the Gredos and Bejar mountains, this region enjoys a privileged microclimate with long, cold winters and short summers, these ideal factors for the drying and maturation of all our products.

The silence and peace of our wineries, together with the pure air and cold, mature each piece naturally over the years. During this period, our master craftsmen ensure that these products have optimal humidity and temperature conditions, ranging between 60%-80% and 14-18 degrees respectively.

The slow maturation in our natural cellars transforms the pieces until they have the texture, aromas, nuances, and flavors that turn our products, and specifically our Ham, into jewels of our gastronomy.