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Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder (50% RI) - Sliced

Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder (50% RI) - Sliced

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Are you looking for an exquisite gift for your palate? Try the Iberian Field Cebo Shoulder from Ibérica Sostenible! High quality, guaranteed 50% Iberian Breed! A unique flavor, with a great aroma and a touch of reserve. A superior dining experience on an affordable basis. Do you want to try it?

What is slicing into slices?

Tired of biting into the sandwich and having all the ham come out because the slice is so long?
Tired of finding little cubes and fat pieces among your knife-sliced ​​envelopes?
Can you imagine a slice as thin as if it were cut by a machine, but small as if it were cut with a knife? Well now it's possible!
Try our exclusive sliced ​​fetas

  • Premium machine slicing
  • Thin and regular slice
  • Small size
  • Same flavor and quality as always

Does my shoulder have a lot of fat ?:

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder always has a layer of external fat (yellow bacon) higher than the rest of the Iberian shoulders. Thanks to this layer, the palette can last all the months necessary for its proper curing.

The total utilization of the pallet can vary between 28% and 33%.

This means that not all pieces are the same and that it can vary up to 400 grams of meat up or down in a 5kg pallet and that the normal thing is that there are about 1.4kg of meat in a 4.5-5kg pallet. kg once we have removed the bone and the external fat.

Normally the larger the shoulder, the more % of meat it will have.

In any case, if you think that the performance of your palette is clearly inferior to these percentages, do not hesitate to contact us.

On this page we leave you some example photos so that you can check for yourself if your shoulder has a lot of fat.


· Ingredients: Iberian free-range pork shoulder, Salt, sugar, preservative (E-252), antioxidant (E-301) and acidity regulator (E-331iii)


· Nutritional information (Average Values ​​per 100g of Product):
Energetic value: 1169 KJ/100g - 280 Kcal/100g
Fats 16.80g/100g.
Of which saturated fatty acids: 6.02g/100g
Carbohydrates: <0.5g/100g.
Of which sugars: <0.5%
Proteins: 32.2g/100g
Salt 7.75g/100g