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Blister 5 Sliced ​​Envelopes

Blister 5 Sliced ​​Envelopes

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Blister with 5 envelopes of 80 grams each of the product you want and with the type of cut you choose

Quality: 100% Iberian Bellota

What is slicing into slices?

Tired of biting into the sandwich and having all the ham come out because the slice is so long?
Tired of finding little cubes and fat pieces among your knife-sliced ​​envelopes?
Can you imagine a slice as thin as if it were cut by a machine, but small as if it were cut with a knife? Well now it's possible!
Try our exclusive sliced ​​fetas

  • Premium machine slicing
  • Thin and regular slice
  • Small size
  • Same flavor and quality as always